Swimming Among the Stars

Written under the direction of Morten Lauridsen, Distinguished Prof.

at the USC Thornton School of Music

Completed in 2013

Duration: 4 minutes


Text by Deborah J. Brasket


Night Crossing, Sea of Cortez

The sea appears so simple

With a dark, indulgent face

The stars there twice reflected

Like a world spun out of space 
Our sloop shoots through the cosmos

Through a mute and moonless night

Our wake a fiery comet

Streaming effervescent light
With all the universe inert

We slip from star to star

Then reach across the Milky Way

Toward galaxies afar

Eons swirl, light-years unfurl

And none can still our flight 
Leaping toward the infinite to 
Apprehend the light.

Swimming Among The Stars - MIDI